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  • Located in Northern Virginia, Alexandria is known for its rich colonial history and proximity to Washington, D.C.
  • Resting on the banks of the Potomac River, this historic town is bustling with cultural activities and exquisite restaurants.
  • Its architectural landscape and old-town aura add to the delight of the town.
  • It also provides an excellent place for property investors to add to their financial portfolio.

With the hub of economic activity, people are looking for rentals in the Alexandria, VA area. With the aid of Alexandria property management, you can take home a piece of this pie for your portfolio!

Handling multiple properties around the Virginia area—including in Alexandria—requires a lot of time, resources, and energy. In fact, it can cut into your profits fast—especially if you don't live in the area. Between the ongoing maintenance work, lease negotiations, inspections, financial management, and more, your time sink in managing your properties can subtract from taking care of your family, your career, and even yourself!

While property owners have to wear a lot of hats, unless you’re an expert in every area, you’ll have to hire multiple people to handle the jobs for you. Sub-contracting each job will cost more than using an Alexandria property management company. That said, what can you expect when you hire a property manager in Alexandria? Let’s take a look at some of the services and benefits you’ll reap with a company such as RentSimple!

Services Provided by Alexandria Property Management

Tenant Assessment

Tenants are the foundation of your business! They're the great people that take care of your great spaces when they treat it like a home of their own.

  • Your renters can make or break your investments.
  • If you have a bad tenant, you could lose money in the form of damage, vacancy, and legal fees.
  • A quality tenant is a boost to your investment in more ways than one! They can enhance the value of your home by taking care of it properly.
  • Most good tenants will be careful with your home and make sure that it is well cared for.

RentSimple expertly verifies the people applying to stay in your homes. We use a rigorous screening process to ensure your properties are filled with quality tenants that reflect the great spaces you have in your portfolio! While no system is perfect, using screening tools helps prevent most of the problems that landlords dread, and gives you peace of mind.

Timely Rental Payments

  • Chances are you will be relying on the income you get from your rental properties to come in regularly.
  • Like many landlords, you might count on it to help pay your expenses (like the mortgage).
  • Using Alexandria property management ensures you get your rental payments on time.

RentSimple goes above and beyond to protect our property owners through our incredible guarantees in this regard.

  • If a tenant we place doesn’t pay on time, you’ll still get your rental income with our RentSimple Rent Guarantee.
  • We’ll cover the rent and deal with collecting it from the tenants later.
  • This allows you to put your passive income on autopilot so you can manage all your bills on time.

No other Alexandria property management company can make guarantees like that!

Quick Rent Guarantee

Whether you’ve:

  • Just invested in a new property
  • Decided to rent a current home you own
  • Got your properties between tenants

It’s always great when you can kick that vacancy to the curb sooner! Every day your rental home sits empty is a day that you aren’t collecting passive income.

At RentSimple, we understand the need to have a steady flow of earnings coming in so you can keep up with financial obligations. With our groundbreaking Quick Rent Guarantee, we rent your properties in 17 days or less—or you don’t pay any tenant placement fees! We’re confident in our promises because we have a system in place to make them happen.

Good Pet Promise

  • Millions of people own pets in the United States.
  • This means if you want to rent out your home successfully, you’ll need to accept pets.
  • However, some landlords are concerned about accepting pets because of the potential for damage.

At RentSimple, we take the worry out of the paws in your rental pad. We know your great spaces are important—so we ensure their protection with our Good Pet Promise! With 100% coverage—unheard of with Alexandria property management—if anything happens because of the pets, we’ll cover all the damage. There’s no risk or cost for you! By allowing pets, you open up your prospective pool of renters considerably!

Eviction Free Guarantee

Although no one goes into the rental investment business expecting to need to evict anyone, there is always the chance that a tenant will require eviction proceedings. When this occurs, it’s nice to know you have a professional team on hand who will manage the details for you. With our approach to Alexandria property management, you have 100% of the attorney, court, and applicable legal fees handled if we need to evict a tenant we placed for you. Just leave it in our hands as your capable property manager!

  • Whenever your lease is violated, we send appropriate notifications to tenants using our high-tech system.
  • This allows your renters time to correct the issue within the legally mandated window.
  • If they don’t take care of the problem, then we pursue the necessary paperwork and manage court for you.
  • You can relax knowing that we're in the pursuit of your lasting returns!

24/7 Property Maintenance

  • Maintenance is a large part of owning investment properties.
  • You’ll want to ensure that you keep your homes in top shape, so your investment is protected.
  • Having a well-maintained home is also a good selling point for new tenants.

However, as relevant as property maintenance is, it can be troublesome for those who have busy lives. Between the middle-of-the-night maintenance calls, having to go out in a rainstorm, or dealing with something simple like a spider in the kitchen, property maintenance can be quite a chore. As your Alexandria property management company, RentSimple eliminates all the headaches and hassles by handling the following jobs for you:

  • Repair coordination and oversight
  • Dedicated emergency repair line
  • Annual interior inspection
  • Move-in Inspection with accompanying report on the condition
  • Quality contractor sourcing and invoice processing
  • All HVAC filters replaced every two months.

Financial Accounting and Management

  • It’s vital to make sure the financial management of your investment properties is appropriately managed.
  • This is even more critical when you get ready to file your taxes.
  • You’ll be glad to know that Alexandria property management handles this aspect of your portfolio too!

RentSimple knows you must have professional and licensed experts dealing with things such as your account reconciliations. That’s why we employ independent certified public accountants (CPU) to work alongside us to handle financial accounting. When it comes to managing your business accounts for the investments properties, you can expect the following services:

  • Timely rental collection
  • Free bank-grade ACH online payment processing
  • Monthly account reconciliation by a certified public accountant
  • Invoicing and accounting
  • A market rent valuation report
  • Invoice management and electronic funds disbursement
  • Handling of delinquent accounts (as well as taking the necessary steps to evict)

Put your worries aside; RentSimple is on top of the paperwork! You can relax—and maybe even take that vacation!

Discover the ease of owning rental investment properties when you partner with the best in Alexandria property management. Don’t throw away money every month, trying to wrestle your portfolio to profitability! We’ll show you how a tech-driven property management company will save you money when you partner with RentSimple.

Contact us now to find out how we can help!


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