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Resident FAQ’S

I Hear You Guys are Pet Friendly…Is there any Truth to That?

Absolutely! We welcome all domestic pets! Woof! Meowwwwww. All Applicants must submit an application on behalf of their pet so we can be absolutely sure we accept the right pets for the right homes! We do limit pets based on size, no more than 25 lbs. for condos, and no more than 60 lbs. for Townhomes and Houses and no more than 2 pets per home. We use a third-party pet/animal policy and screening service. Applicants should go to this link – rentsimplepm.petscreening.com. After your pet is approved a Pet Fee will be assessed based on the FIDO Score of your Pet ranging from $350-$550 per pet.

How do I set up utilities and when am I responsible to have them turned on?

RentSimple makes this process easy for you by partnering with a dedicated Utility Concierge who will contact you several weeks prior to your move in and set up all utilities. They can either give you the information you need, and you can be on your way, or they can conference the utility provider with you on the line.

Where do I pick up keys on Move in Day? Do we do a walkthrough?

On your move in day we will leave a lock box on the property containing the keys for you. Provided all deposits and rents are paid prior to move in day, we will issue you a code to retrieve your keys on the day of move in!

What happens when something breaks? Who is responsible?

In most cases it’s the Owner of the Property that will address the repair unless it is a case of neglect, misuse, or abuse. In these cases, the cost of the repair will be the responsibility of the resident.

How Do I submit a maintenance request?

There is a link on this page to submit a maintenance request. The link will take you to your Appfolio Portal which is staffed 24/7 365 by a live attendant. They will troubleshoot the issue with you and in most cases we won’t need to send a contractor. In the event you need to schedule a contractor to come out you will pick some dates and times that work for you and a contractor will be in touch to meet you at the property or you can leave a key for them to access when you are away.

I saw that my lease includes Air Filter Delivery, how do I sign up?

We already took care of that for you! There is a clean filter(s) and the first filter(s) will show up in 30-60 and will continue on a bi-monthly schedule after that for the entire duration of the lease.

What if I have more general questions, who do I talk to?

Please send us an email to residents@rentsimplepm.com so we can route you to the right person and get you a good answer. We strive to respond to all inquiries within 5 business hours, but in most cases, we beat that! :) For faster service, please try to avoid making phone calls to the office to report issues. Response times via phone can result in a delay in handling the issue effectively.